Plasma Cutting Services

If you demand the best high definition plasma cutting services for your large scale and heavy sheet projects then Chicago Metal Fabricators is perfect for you. We offer our customers all the benefits of a unique Messer machine with dual Hypertherm HPR400XD Hi Definition units and a beveling head. This unit allows us to plasma cut a wide variety of metals like aluminum, steel, stainless, and Domex as thin as 20 gauge and as thick as 2”. Chicago Metal Fabricators’ machinery has one infinite rotating bevel head and one straight head, which allows us to handle sheets for the largest projects. Because we focus on heavy-duty fabrication, we service a wide number of industries including:

Off highway
Rail Car
Water treatment
Heavy stainless steel cranes
At Chicago Metal Fabricators, our work is accurate within .030” and meets or exceeds the toughest industries standards including ISO 9001:2015, AWS, and CWB. In addition, our 200,000 square foot, Chicago assembly plant can handle everything from prototypes to full production runs.

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plasma cutting CAPABILITIES

Plasma Type
Dual Hypertherm HPR400XD Hi Definition Units
Plasma Configuration
1 Bevel Head 1 Straight Head
Intended Cutting Material
Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Abrasion Resistance
Cutting Thickness
20 gauge to 2 in, Stainless up to 2 in, Aluminum up to .1 in
Cutting Width
12 ft, 144 in
Cutting Length
67 ft, 804 in
Maximum Output Power
400 amps
Traverse Speeds
1000 ipm
Accuracy (+/-)
.015 in
Production Volume
Prototype to Large Scale Production Volume
Typical Lead Times
2 to 3 Weeks, Rush Services Available
Lights Out Manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing
Industry Focus
OEM, Off Highway, Rail Car, Nuclear, Water Treatment, Heavy Stainless Steel, Cranes
Industry Standards
ISO 9001:2015, American Welding Society (AWS), Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB)
File Formats
IGES, STEP, EWG, Solid Works

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